A Few Words Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions help you to use our service easily. These terms and conditions are for the ease of you as well as us. For running certain company it’s compulsory to have some rules for the better development ofcompany. If anyone of you do not agree with our conditions then he/she must not use our site. The terms and conditions may vary whether you are going to book with us for a flight only or with the package which has both flight and accommodation arrangements. It means that we offer “individual components ” as well as “packages”. Individual components include the booking of flight or accommodation or other separate trip arrangements and package is the combination of flight as well as any of the following
• Transport
• Accommodation
• Tourists services
So if you are going to book individual components with us then surely we will make booking as an agent and your contract will be according to your supplier's terms and conditions. You have to follow all such terms and conditions.

Booking Your Travel Arrangements

When you are going to book ,you have to accept these conditions on your behalf and on the behalf of each an every member of your team or party. Furthermore if you make a booking of more than one person then you are responsible for payments due from all members of your whole party. Its necessary for you that you have to check that the whole information that you are giving to us is authentic and accurate. The information that is provided to you by our suppliers is passed on to each and every member of your team.
You must pay the relevant deposit,when you are going to book. The contract will not be signed until we your payment for booking. After receiving deposit ,your booking will be accepted. On the behalf of ourselves we will issue you with confirmation and final invoice.
Make sure that the names given match the relevant passport. This is for the convenience of both us. As far as online booking is concerned you booking will be confirmed on the acceptance of our booking conditions and when we have received your payment of booking. Booking serviceswill be available for those who are at least 18 years of age. After making a booking you have to warrant to us that you are agree with all the arrangements. You will receive confirmationemail about your arrangements
It’s your responsibility that the information about you and your family or party will be authentic and legally recognized by your country.
If you want to cancel your booking then specific charges will apply and we will cancelation message via email.


You must give your accurate information which we require and that information should be same as that on Passenger's passport. Please make sure that your credit card or debit card is your own or the person to our acceptance. If credit or debit cards are of third party, you have to express their authorization to use and there should be enough funds which cover the cost of all the arrangements that you book. Please carefully check all details after issuance of invoice and inform us in time if there is anything incorrect so it will be possible to change the mistakes as soon as possible. Any changes after the booking has been made will have additional charges which include charges of administration as well as suppliers. Payments are non-refundable and there is no guarantee of fares unless issuance of final invoice. The payment must be paid before due date mentioned on the finalinvoice. If you don't pay your dues before due date ,this may lead to cancelation of your booking. 7 days are required to clear all cheques payment. Debit cards include no charges but credit card payments and PayPal are subjected to surcharge of 2%. The payment of your booking may be increased until full funds has been received. This increase in payment may be due to increased fuel charges and other charges that may b imposed by suppliers. It should be noted that we are not responsible for that cash sent by post and courier

Policy of Data Protection

Under the data protection act ,travel and travel is registered with the information commissioner's office. Due to it's registration this company runs smoothly and fulfill clients demand easily.
We promise you that there will be proper security provided to you that is responsible for the protection of your data and information. We have to pass your information on to your specific and relevant supplier for arrangements e.g. hotels, airlines etc. Your information may be passed to the immigration authority and other public and security authorities. We have the authority to reserve all the telephone calls of the customers so to check the services of our company.
When your destination would be outside the European Economic Area (EEA) the security of your information will get low. We are responsible that we will not pass your information to the person who is not the part of your team and arrangements.
This information includes about your disabilities , dietary and religious issues. If we don't pass your information to your relevant supplier then will not able to make your booking. You consent must be taken while booking that your information would pass to other agents and authorities. This is for the benefit of your own.
We need following data about you in operating our website.
1. Names
2. Contact details containing telephone numbers and email address
3. Traffic data, location data and communication data
Personal information will be collected by asking you directly. This information includes following:
1. When you are going to purchase a service from us.
2. When will you subscribe to any newsletter
3. When will you get register with us
4. When will you talk to our service team
What’s the purpose of this information? We will discuss it in detail.
• For the completion of your purchase with us, we use your name, payment details and address.
• For management of your arrangements ,we will use your details.
• Our advertisers may use your information for advertisement, but this will be general information.
• We have to disclose your information details where required by law.
• We may give your information to the parties that offers services of your interest.
What can you do ? If you are not agree to our use of your information as listed above, you should immediately inform us.
If you don’t give us your complete information we are not able to manage your arrangements.
How to contact Us We welcome you to ask any queries regarding our policy and privacy. Don't hesitate to contact us at
Keep visiting our site to know about new changes and updates. By doing this you will be aware of any change because any change in the policy will be either on our brochure or website.
Passport and Visa You yourself are responsible for checking of these items and confirming that your traveling documents are in order. For these items you must consult the relevant Embassy.
You should check the up to date requirements for traveling because with time requirements may change. We are not responsible for your booking if you have incorrect passport and visa. You are unable to get the flight if your documents required by any authority or airlines are incorrect. Entry requirements and up to date traveling advice can be obtained from the office of Foreign and Commonwealth. You should have the passport that will be valid for 6 months after the intended date of your return. So you must have correct visa valid for traveling.
Health Inoculation for traveling may change with time so you must consult your doctor that which Inoculation are recommending now a days before your departure. You have to visit your doctor before 4 to 6 of your departure and ask him that which vaccines do you require? By doing this you will know that whether you need vaccination or not.
You must have health entry requirements for all the countries that you are going to visit. We are not responsible for your flight if you have not a proper certificate of health.
Behavior When you book with you take the responsibility of any loss and damage caused by you or any of your party member. Payment of any of the damage will be charged by accommodation owner or manager.
In any case if you fail to do so you must reimburse us. If your behavior is rude to our authority or any of the supplier , we will terminate your arrangements
Law and legal jurisdiction You are responsible to maintain the laws of country you are going to visit. You must comply with rules,laws,customs and drug regulations of the visiting countries. These booking are made on the basis of English laws and rules. Acceptance of jurisdiction of court is done in which the customer is domiciled. We are not responsible for that changes which are not in our control such as war threats, war or airlines disputes. Surcharges Charges of transportation including fuel cost, landing taxes, embarkation and disembarkation fee at ports or airports will may be changed. There will be no change with in 30 days of your departure. We will absorb the change and you will not be charged in any increase equivalent to 2%. Administration fee of scheduled airline failure If you lost your ticket (s) ,then you may lost your money and your flight will be ceased. We will charge nominal administration fee from the customer. Airline ticket refunds These refunds are subjected to per ticket administration charge and cancellation charges are applied to per ticket cancellation. Right of sending cancellation and refunds requests are not available. We will cancel or refund by judging the situations. The refundable rule is that to check the recoverable ticket refund is less than the charges of administration or not ..If yes ,then ticket will be declared as totally non refundable. On your own behalf tax refund application is made. Refund case is almost from 4,5 weeks from the date of your submission of cancellation request. Taxes of Departure Departure taxes may be paid by you directly to the Government of that country from which you are departing and these charges are non refundable by us. So it’s not always compulsory to add the departure taxes on the tickets Changes in flight If your flight get cancelled by airline then you have the following opportunities: • Get another flight with the same charges
• With another carrier re-rout to your destination with or without additional charges.
• You can receive a full refund.
We have the right to make changes to your travel arrangements at any time .This will be according to the need at specific moments.Mostly these changes are minor and we will inform you as early as possible. We also have authority to cancel your booking at specific circumstances such as if the minimum number of customers that are required for particular arrangements are not reached, so we will cancel the booking. Fir major change to your holiday, we will inform before the time of your departure.
Then you will have the following choices:
• Either accepting the change that we make in the arrangements
• Selecting the alternative arrangements from us of the comparable standard
• Cancellation of your booking
We will pay compensation as listed below: • More than 56 days NILL
• 43-56 days £ 10
• 29-42 days £ 20
• 8-28 days£ 30
• 0-7 days £ 40
*Children invoiced at reduced rates.
Cancellation and changes by you If you want to make any change in other than increasing the member in your party, we can make your change. For any change you have to pay the fee of changes. Be aware that some arrangements cannot be changed one it get reserved. All the charges should be in the form of written statement. If you make cancellation before the departure ,the person who are responsible for booking is therefore also responsible for the payment of cancellation.

Please Note: We recommend that you check your luggage allowance on tickets involving regional add-ons with a different airline, as not all airlines have the same allowance.