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Privacy and policy
Privacy is a serious matter of concern. Travel and travel responsible of your personal information your personal information includes your name, address, phone number and email address etc.
Collection of information: Travel and travel requires your information for the registration. When you make booking with us we ask for your name your contact number and email address. We will not put your information on our website but there is a proper record of your information with us.
Use of information: We use your information to fulfill our requirements which are following:
• for booking
• to contact you
Disclosure and sharing of information: Travel and travel use your data and informational does not pass, share or sell your any personal information companies and firm except for the provision of services that you have requested from the third parties. We also share your personal information with certain suppliers who provide products or services on your behalf. We use your data and information that is necessary to perform functions and arrangement that you have requested for. When we feel that it is necessary to share your information for investigation ,prevention and taking action against the illegal activities, fraud any threats to the physical safety of our customers or required by authority. Sharing of information to third party sites: When you book a package it means that you book as well as other like hotel or car. Esoteric and safety We also abandon the unnecessary access to workers to your bio-data. Travel and Travels has ability to save your information in Security proof systems and also try its best to ensure its safety from bad hands. The information is stored in the Well secure operating equipment that cannot be accessed by unauthorized person. It cannot be ensured completely. Eruption ,analysis and altering your information The law number 78-79 of 6th January 1978 enables one for alteration and deletion of all personal bio data that is with the service company. This right can be used by mail addressed to Blue SAS, 6 Rue casters 92110 Clichy , France. The database of that bio data was the main reason of declaration the CNIL under the number 1 6 4 0 7 0 3. We make agreement not to give the email addresses in our custody without users permission to the interested person.
1. Introduction
Cookie policy of our website can be informed to you buy this information sheet giving you the information about any other website that company owns might be helpful to you for navigation and providing your proper location. The cookies that are indicated on the front page (home page) can be seen clearly and can be understood easily while you are navigating that enables existence of our cookie policy reporting. If Information is needed about the website that are mainly operated by the company you can visit our main website.
2. Definition of cookies
Small files which are stored on your device that have the medium amount of bio data and allows observer to give a page that is needed, by the computer or device( hard drive, smartphone, tablets etc.) Whenever you visit our website again later it will help recognizing the cookies. Basically the use of cookies to improve the working of our websites and the business and the market information can also be delivered to the website owner.
3. Enabling on our website the use of cookies
When you agree the cookie’s policy the cookie usage appearing on the home page website when you browse to our website the description of cookie usage is written here. It will not happen only if you had altered your browser settings do not use their uses. This will not limit for the browsing on our website and enables the completion of any task on our website. These tasks may include: Clearing the notice of cookie from homepage, website scrolling, selecting any word or object on our website etc.
4. Cookie's kind for our website
• Cookies that are authorized by managing company Dependence of managing company thecomputer or device for kinds of cookies that are sent and being processed. Following are the types of some cookies:
First party cookies: This type of cookies are sent by managing company to users device for providing the complete requested service.
Third party cookies: This type of cookies are sent by user and that are not processed by managing company this involves a third party company that process data obtained through the cookies send by the users.
• Types of cookies according to the duration of time of your connection with website.
Following are the types of cookies: Session cookies: When you access the website these cookies receive and save data these cookies cannot be stored on your device you exit the browser or the session of connection.
Persistent cookies: These cookies can be stored on your device. It can be reached and processed even after you exit the website or Browser, when you navigate for specific duration of time.
These cookies remains on ROM( hard drive) and clears after its expiry time( which is 2 years). At this point the website would Fetch the cookies from the hard drive.
• Social cookies: The purpose of these cookies are to share or advertise our website on the social media like Facebook, YouTube, Google+ etc. Management of cookies: Cookies are managed by a lot of ways. By changing settings of your browser you have the options to disable cookies or have a notification before acceptance of cookies. Always keep in mind that not all the browsers have same procedure for managing the cookies.
Enabling and disabling of third party cookies Third party cookies are not installed by us, they are installed by a third party when the website is visited.
Protection of your privacy can be made if you visit other website for the cookies that are installed by the third party.
We invite you to visit the following website:
It can help you to understand the protection of privacy and the correct use of cookies as well.